Currently in pre-production, filming 2021

​​​​​"Easy For Me"       music video 

"Tragedy Strikes"  music video  

"Replaceable"       dramatic short 
Creator, Writer, Casting, Associate Producer

Above:  Artful Dodger in "Oliver" theatre (2019)

​​​​​​​​​​​​​​       Morgan Gullett​    

SIZE CARD (December 2020)

height:    5' 2"

clothes:  adult small, size 0-2

build:      athletic  

shoe:      6

hair:        light brown/ dirty blonde hair

eyes:      brown

roles:      plays 14 - 18yrs​

sports:    competitive -soccer

               competitive -field hockey 

               competitive -basketball

               competitive -cheer 

​               figure skating (4 years)

               snow skiing

               rock climbing 


               hip hop dance


other:     left -handed

              French (3 years)


with Jeff Greenberg,CSA Casting Director, "Modern Family" and "Frasier"  

above: with Director Tom McGrath, "The Boss Baby", "Madagascar" & "Megamind"

above: "A Fish Tale" screening, Los Angeles  

GORE MAKE-UP by Morgan 

Casting, Writer, Producer, Actor

Above: with Director Charlie Vaughn, "A Fish Tale"

above: with NYC Casting Director,

Melissa Rothschild, CSA  

*resume & reel on request  

below:  with James McGrath (voice of Wizzie) from "The Boss Baby"

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ABC-21 WPTA Oscars Night feature on Morgan (04/21) 



AGENT:     Pastorini-Bosby Talent


FB:            @morgangullettartist

​IG:            @morgangullett_official​  (2019)
Concept, Casting, Creative Producer 
*created for artist Heather Mae, featured in Billboard magazine   (2018)

Concept, Casting, Lead actor  

​ (2017)

Concept, Casting, Actor