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Morgan Gullett directing "Easy For Me" 2021

Directing, "Easy For Me" (2021)

Morgan started out in front of the camera, but after living in Los Angeles during pilot season, she realized she was fascinated with what was happening behind it. In between takes on set, rather than hanging out with the other actors, she’d sit with the Director, DP and PAs to explore all the intricacies of their work.


In 2016, at 11 years old, she created her first short film, “Don't Forget Us” which was a documentary-style short about the children’s reactions to the adults around them during the 2016 Presidential Election between Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump. She created the concept, co-wrote, cast, and starred in this short film which earned her press attention as well as film festival awards in 2017.  (potentially rephrase- "She not only created and cowote the short, but took a major role in every stage including or production which garnered her press attention and multiple film festival awards in 2017. " Not a perfect example, but you should get the idea.)


This fueled her passion to create.  She approached crew she'd previously worked closely with to ask them to work with her again on her next several projects.  These included a dramatic short, “Switch” (2018) and music video “Smoke Signals” for Billboard featured artist Heather Mae (2019).  These projects gained attention, press, film festival awards, and created the momentum needed to jump into the next phase of film production. The attention Morgan achieved from previous work, led to her winning two young entrepreneur awards and grants that helped fund her next projects.    


In 2020, Morgan further expanded and discovered two young female artists on Instagram that she wanted to support.  She selected two songs, had them professionally produced, created the concepts for their music videos, and helped fundraise with the artists for production costs.  In 2021, at the age of 16, she cast and made her directorial debut in Texas with Lauren Gottshall’s country-pop music video “Easy For Me”, and continued to explore the music video field in California in December 2021, when she directed Sydnie Stephens’ "Tragedy Strikes”, a music video that was filmed almost entirely underwater. These projects continued to earn multiple film festival award wins as well as a world premiere screening in Los Angeles in June 2022.   


During the summer of 2022, Morgan attended the prestigious USC Summer Film Intensive which confirmed her dedicated passion for a future in film.  


In November 2022, Morgan directed and co-produced a documentary short about a young athlete currently in remission from t-cell lymphoblastic lymphoma. Released in April 2023 , “Bryson’s Battle has gained press coverage and also won 1st place at the Indiana Association of Student Broadcasters state competition held in March, in Indianapolis. In Summer 2023 Morgan will direct a dramatic short that she wrote, “Pretty Enough?” (2023).  She secured the IP / copyright for a gut-wrenching true coming-of-age story for which she is writing the feature-length script and is currently in development. Morgan will be interning with Velvet Hammer Media in Los Angeles for the summer of 2023 in addition to studying photography at UCLA’s Film & Television Summer Institute.


All of this while attending high school!  Morgan plays tennis for her school, loves hanging out with her friends, volunteers with the Fort Wayne Medical Society Alliance, is an honor-roll student, enjoys traveling, and spending time with her family.  After she graduates a semester early in December 2023, she will continue her internship and film new projects that are currently being developed.  Morgan plans to begin college / film school in the Fall of 2024 to continue honing her craft.

Morgan Gullett producing "Don't Forget Us" 2016

Producing, "Don't Forget Us" (2016)

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